Welcome to Women’s Hockey Academy in Nur-Sultan.

We are working on a creating a Hockey Community for young Girls in the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Our Mission: To provide support for every female hockey player and develop more opportunities for
girls to play ice hockey.

We are working hard to create an ice hockey association or girls in the city of Nur-Sultan. Currently
we are in the process of introducing a movement in Kazakhstan to involve girls in hockey, which is
unusual since hockey was considered a sport for men only. We want to enable girls to be strong,
confident, educated and strive to achieve goals.



To empower and attract more women to sports. We want to open and conduct a permanent recruitment of new children into the children’s-women’s hockey section as we look to raise a new generation of professional hockey players, including for the future National Team of Kazakhstan and the popularization of women’s sports.


Girls Hockey Association is a minor hockey association that provides female hockey athletes residing in the City of Nur-Sultan an opportunity to play on all-female teams.

As a hockey association, we are able to accept registration of any female athlete living within the boundaries of Nur-Sultan.

We are growing the female hockey association in Nur-Sultan.


-To provide a safe, fun, and engaging environment where girls at all levels of interest and ability can learn and play ice hockey

-To develop each player as an athlete and an individual while teaching the fundamentals of hockey, teamwork, discipline, and hard work

-To create the best possible hockey experience for each player by enhancing friendships, teaching life lessons, and instilling a love of the game

-To encourage our older players to give back to the girls hockey community through volunteerism

-To grow the game by designing innovative programs that increase girls’ participation in the sport

Our story

On March 8th, we ran a Charity Ice Hockey Tournament hosted by Bulbul Kartanbay, dedicated for International Women’s Day. There were 16 kids teams.  By chance we had 12 girls join us.

We had some ice time to use as an opportunity for the girls to play some hockey together. Since that day we realized we could play a significant part in growing the sport for girls.

Since March 8th we opened a girls hockey association, and we got more than 20 girls, who want join us, but don’t have the opportunity & budget to pay for hockey gear and practices.but we hard working to provide them this opportunity to play  because we believe that hockey is an incredible sport for girls to play and the hockey community regardless of association is second to none.

“We are so proud of our girls and envision their future to be limitless both in the sport and as a result of playing the sport.”

This year in May 2021 we have officially  opened a non-profit organization and have made a pledge and goal to provide finances to pay for the ice costs needed to support girls hockey association in our region.  We anticipate growing the sport for girls.  We understand the need for girls to be able to play with girls but this usually comes at an extra cost.  If we can eliminate the extra cost then we can make huge progress in skill development and retention of girls in the sport.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of girls who want to play the sport of hockey.  Please consider donating to the club.

All donations given through our website will go directly to the following needs:

1.  Offset ice costs needed for girls hockey association in Nur-Sultan . 1 hour practice / 12 times in a month =  $840 per month. $1080 for 12 months.

2.  Pay for the tournament fees of the girls hockey team.

3.Help, support to rent a place in a hockey training center. 1 hour off ice practice/ 12 times in a month = 600$ per month. 7200$ for 12 months.

4.  Provide equipment to girls in need. 20/30 sets of hockey equipment for girls. 1 set of hockey gear cost around 1000$. but if you can send as equipment, that’s will be great!

Unfortunately we don’t have any financial support from the government or from the ministry of sport. Our great hockey federation also can not provide that much financial support. That’s why we are looking for sponsors from the USA, Canada & all other different countries & communities who can help!