Starting from this day (January 7th) in this year 2021, I’m starting to write (and maybe i will have a podcast) on the topic “Woman in Sport”.
📩Every day I get different emails with questions about what is it like to be a woman in sports? How to combine hockey and life? How to stay feminine when playing such a hard sport? Is hockey more a career than a hobby? They say hockey is a man’s sport and it makes men out of women. But who says you can’t play hockey and have long hair? Where is that narrative coming from? How do we change that narrative? How I can help the young girls push past this mindset? Do I just do mentoring and private lessons? Or is there more I can do? As we have seen slowly but surely, women’s are entering the men’s game.
And the there is my brand. How is my brand @Kartanbaybrand going? Can I can continue to make it grow? And then there is @omnomnomcookies my little bakery in Kazakhstan? Can I continue both ventures or do I have to pick one? I am passionate about both.🌸
Other questions I receive are about special diets for hockey players and off-ice training. As well should young hockey players just concentrate on hockey or play different sports? And where do I have this energy to push myself? Those are just some and many more that come in.
There is also lot’s of questions about my path. From little village in Kazakhstan to NWHL, USA, and Canada. I am proud to be a Kazakh, and Iam happy to share with you about my country and our culture.🇰🇿
I had more than 75 interview where sometimes they had same questions for me.
So here I am🙋🏻‍♀️. Bulbul Kartanbay. I am 27 years old, I played hockey from the age of 13. I traveled a lot because of the sport. I quit hockey for two years and played rugby. I also have the title “candidate master of sports in rugby.”
I will tell you everything little by little. I am excited to start my storytelling and also to give you answers to lot’s of questions. Especially how to be a “Woman in sport”.

If you have more questions and have interesting idea to discuss DM me or email me (button on bio). Follow me in a social media.
I hope your 2021 started well and I wish you an amazing year full of happiness and achievements!