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Hockey Camp in Kazakhstan

It's not only about sport, it's more about cultural exchanges and traveling to really different world.

– Have you ever been in Kazakhstan?


– Oh, it’s such a beautiful place with big heard and free spirit.


We will get a chance run a hockey camp in Barys KHL ice rink,
what is really big
deal for female players.
For us- it is a big step in our EQUALITY in Sport.

Ice time/ Gym time/ Shooting practices/ City tours in capital city.

1 Coach from Switzerland.
1 Coach from Belarus


Hockey camp completely at the symbolic price of 60$

Our main goal is the development of Women’s Hockey and Women’s Sports!


How many groups – 4

What ages:




We are looking for female players all ages and all nationalities!
We are inviting you all to Kazakhstan!

Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city, 57th Turan ave.

РК, г. Нур-Султан, пр. Туран, 57

Which program

1.Ice practice / conditioning-physical off-ice practice / shooting practice/

2.Ice practice / conditioning-physical off-ice practice / shooting practice/ food/

3.Ice practice / conditioning-physical off-ice practice / shooting practice/ food/accommodation /

Also, if you want to be part
of Women’s Hockey Academy this May 20-25th for this
camp, as a coach and volunteer – contact us!


WhatsApp: +7 (707) 639 08 18

Bulbul Kartanbay / Булбул Картанбай

Report on the last Camp in 2022

Head Coach of International Women’s Hockey CAMP 2022
Alena Mills (Czech Republic)

Together strong 5 countries

42 players
9 coaches 
15 special guests 

Leave a request

You can pay to QR Kaspi bank, or pay cash at the beginning of camp.

Обязательно отправьте чек об оплате менеджеру академии на номер +7 777 260 3095